How to keep flowers in the vase for longer

The flowers in a vase positively affect our mood and give color to our lives.

Secrets to keep the flowers fresh in the vase:

-The roses should be cut when the first petals come off, the carnations as soon as the buds start to open and the rest when they have opened well.

-Put the flowers on clean vase without harmful microorganisms.

-Put water up to the middle of the jar and make sure there are no leaves in the water because they will rot.

-Before you put the flowers in the vase, cut them under running water at a moderate temperature, slightly and sideways the edge of each stem and remove the leaves that are low and make sure there are no leaves in the water because they will rot. The shorter the bouquet, the longer it will last.

-Put the jar near natural light. There should be no fruit and special apples near the bouquet because the evolution of flowers is accelerated.

-Spray the flowers daily with water.

-You change their water day by day, washing the vase and clearing the dried flowers and cutting the lower edge of each stem again. Cold water slows down growth, while lukewarm accelerates flowering.

-There are in the market special preservatives for flower bouquets. Some recipes: mix lemon with a little bleach, while others recommend a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach.

-And the bouquets want her aspirin their. Half an aspirin in the water in the vase will help them live longer.

-Other flowers such as dahlias and chrysanthemums need 1 teaspoon salt in water and others want 1 teaspoon sugar, such as lilies and tulips.