What does each flower symbolize? The right choice for any occasion

Acacia for secret love (pink or white), and for elegance (green)

Amaryllis for pride

 Anemone for anticipation and love that does not fade 

Anthurium for hospitality, abundance, happiness

Azalea for protection, temperance, delicacy, gratitude, passion 

Baby's breath for innocence, purity of heart

Begonia for imaginative character

Camellia for excellence

Cloves for charm, distinction, love (in general) and especially red for deep romantic love and passion, white for pure love, innocence, faith, pink for motherly love, purple for fantasy dreams, yellow for frustration 

Chrysanthemum for love (red) and for a sign of value (yellow)

Red Dahlia for betrayal and infidelity

Do Not Forget Me for true love

Gardenia for secret love, joy, sweet love, good luck

Geranium for courtesy

Gladiolus for strength of character, honor, condemnation

Litmus for devotion

Iris for good news

Jasmine for immortal love unconditionally

Lavender for devotion and distrust

Lilac for first feeling of love (purple), purity (white) high effort (red)

Magnolias for love of nature

Narcissus for love without retribution and selfishness

Orchid for refined beauty

Pansy for thoughts (according to Ophelia in Hamlet sometimes referring to our "lover's thoughts")

Peony for shame, shyness, anger

Rose for true love (red), mystery gazing at the impossible, love at first sight (blue), silence of innocence, lust, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility, (white), friendship jealousy, apology, a broken heart, persistent feeling, immortal love, great betrayal (yellow), grace (pink), gratitude (dark pink), lust, passion, joy of life, youth, energy (pale pink), unconscious beauty (burgundy red), lust, passion (coral or orange), love at first sight (purple), union (red and white together), joy, happiness and anticipation (red and yellow)

Tulip for immortal love, passion, perfect love (red), good wishes, friendship, self-confidence, happy occasions (pink), kindness, aristocracy, rebirth, spring (white), happy thoughts, brightness, hope (yellow), respect, trust ( blue), understanding, appreciation, the truest love (orange), power, elegance, incredible elegance (black), beautiful eyes (colorful)

Violet for fidelity (blue), day dreams, love between two women (purple), humility (white).