Program of Flower Tree Beginners Seminars

Florist Preparation Training Seminars
Complete specialization of florist employees and young professional florists.

Operates in sections of 3 or 4 people.
The trainees practice flower arrangements together with the teachers for effective learning.
The project aims to improve & amp; development of the industry, creating new florists, but also specialized florists.

The training time is one week 6 days and the curriculum includes the following necessary modules in theory and practice


1 Color Theory, Flower Species & amp; plants, properties and maintenanceη

2 Basic rules of flower arranging and spiral constructions etc.α.)

3 Packaging Combinations of flower arrangementsων

4 Event Christening Wedding Decorationent

5 Setting up - showcase decoration and shop decoration

6 Customer Service, Appearance, Behavior, Sales, Florist Management Marketing

7 Visit to the flower market for those who deem it necessary, selection and purchase of flowers, with real purchases and then care & amp; placement in the flower shop

8 Condolence constructions bouquets compositions wreaths, crossυρός)

9 Plant compositions, product costing & amp; work. Reference to the basic accounting of the floristυ

10 Training in methods in the sale of Wedding - Baptism & amp; Introduction to the necessary use of Social Media

We provide:
-Interflora Network title and professional recommendations.

- Intensive courses for students in the province.

The training is carried out under his supervision and professionalismInterflora Networkin Athens and briefly for the trainees we seek the following basics:

a Complete knowledge of flower arranging at all levelsα

b Knowledge of florist management, rules of advertising, promotion, & amp; sales marketing ..

c The consolidation of the virtue of business ethics towards the customer, a virtue that should govern every serious employee and professional florist ..

For more information, contact the Interflora Network at:210 95 79 777