Flower Tutoring Seminars

Floral Training, Marketing & amp; Florist management, by Interflora

H Interfloraleads flower shipments around the world.

In our country it is a pioneer withGreece Interflora Network.

Our concern is the best possible shipping service from the e-shop of the Network, for excellent delivery in the next two hours everywhere in Greece, by trained Florists.

For this reason, we provide training in Floriculture, Marketing & amp; florist management, to florists across the country.

The education also concerns TEI graduates. agronomists, florists, florists, landscape architects, professional florists, florists, etc ..

Also, those who wish to deal professionally with the florist anywhere in Chora start fromInterflora, because here they acquire sufficient and multifaceted knowledge of the subject.

Training Objects in Theory and Practice:

- Basic flower arrangement.
- Advanced flower arrangement for decorations for weddings, christenings, events, etc.).
- Plant agriculture, packaging, marketing and flower shop management


Get informed here for completed beginner courses and here for intensive advanced courses