Shipping policy

For the delivery of flowers within cities throughout the territory and within a radius of 2 km from the city center, the shipment is not charged with transportation - delivery costs.

In case of sending with a distance of more than 2 km from the center of the destination city, select the corresponding kilometer distance from the center, on the CASH tab and in position 2 SHIPPING.

In case of a large deviation your shipment will be delivered again (in order not to be exposed), the difference is deducted from the value of the flowers, if again the shipment is impossible from the network, due to greater distance-difference or other reason, then you are informed the problem and the money is returned to your account.

For more information on flower ships in Greece or abroad, call 210 95 79 777.
Daily from 9:00 to 21:00.


Depending on the season, but also the availability of specific flowers from the florist delivery, shipping to some of them may deviate. It is advisable to prefer compositions mainly with flowers of every season.
The accessories (pot baskets or other packaging materials), in size will be the same or very close to what you see and may differ in color or shape, as suppliers are constantly changing models

Any image you see, because it is flowers that are fresh product and non-standard, will certainly deviate slightly, given that the photos are with flowers of another time or shade from the florist in the shipping area.

In addition, each composition is made for you on the day and time you request, by our partner bouquet at the place of delivery and not by the hand of the bouquet in the photo.
Changing or returning flowers that do not satisfy you and are related to the above can not be done, even if the flowers are damaged or exposed to adverse conditions (heat, sun, etc.), the problem should be reported directly from the recipient to the supplier, since the product is open and you have a picture of its condition as soon as you receive them.

However, in case a completely different product is delivered (this can only happen by human error and never intentionally), you have the right to withdraw and we are obliged to replace it with the correct one or to request a refund made (without any other ) on the same day.

It is our responsibility to make the deliveries within the day you requested, as long as the delivery time is not mandatory for us, but we try to respond to your request and with the consent of the recipient, for this and in case of delayed delivery after request of the recipient, our company is not responsible.


No florist partner makes a delivery without contacting the recipient by phone.
In case of no communication, the shipment is executed the next day or even the next day. In the event of a telephone error, we are not responsible for any delayed or incorrect shipping delivery.
On the same day, deliveries are made for shipments given until 19.00 pm. Those after 19.00 pm. missions may be performed on the same or the next day, as the case may be.
You will be notified by e-mail to confirm the delivery of your shipment.