Flower Arrangement Seminars

Flower Arrangement Academy & Marketing

NetFlower is leading the delivery of flowers in Greece and the world and its main concern is the best possible service to you, our trusting customers through the e-shop. For this reason, we perform Flower Arrangement & Marketing seminars, for our 800 associate florists, but also for the florists of Greece.

More specifically, it consists of floral seminars for the TEI graduates of agricultural technology, of floriculture - floricultural, of landscape architecture and seminars for active florists or their employees and for individuals in the following sections:

  • Basic flower composition.
  • Advanced flower composition for banquet events (weddings, baptisms, events, etc.)
  • Plants' agronomics, wrapping, marketing and florist management.

For individuals, who love the flower and would like to gain more knowledge in the art of flower composition and maintenance, we have created the opportunity to take bouquet courses, along with professionals for the first time online! from the safety of your house.