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The New Generation of Florists and We Offer the Training Opportunity in Floristry, Sales and Florist Management! 



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Η Interflora is the leading force in the field of flowers worldwide.
In Greece, it has a huge network of florists for sending flowers and now it is making the big leap into the future, with the creation of  Top Florist Official Partner, with special services in flower arranging, packaging and new products.

With an innovative way of working, persistent training, multiple services and quality products, the Official Partners are changing the so far data for florists in the Territory.

We designed the flower shops Top Florist, guided by the needs of today and tomorrow for demanding customers.

We are creating a special system of services, with the aim of rapid development throughout Greece, based on a specific plan.
We occupy space in the Greek florist services market, with new systems, integrated proposals and services, both in social events and in the daily life of the consumer, as summarized below:

· Full daily operation of a flower shop

· Mini drink cellar and additional small gifts

· Organization of Wedding - Baptism - Event

· Decorating events with flowers

· Decorating events with balloons

· Invitations, Favors etc.

· Mini refreshing catering for guests

At Top Florist, we turn the flower shop into a creative multi-site of services and products!


Our Goals

Our goals are the transition to the New Generation of Florists outside of the ordinary, since the Top Florist florists are a creative multi-site of services and products, strengthening the flower culture among consumers, thus creating clientele for the Florists of Official Partners.

For this purpose, we "educate" consumers, with the aim of getting to know and consolidating the flower culture, creating the necessary driving force of entrepreneurship, ie the unique (silent) power of customers, the only one that raises and lowers businesses.

In addition, the creation of modern shops, with multiple services and trained operators, for the transition to the New Generation of Florists and the desired results with:

· Continuous training in flower arranging and packaging, one of the best of its kind in our country.

· Continuous training in the manufacture and use of compositions with balloons.

· Unique know-how in marketing sales and store promotions, by specialized executives of the company.

· Continuous improvement (owners and employees), at all levels in daily events and customer service.

· Continuous monitoring of the functionality of the flower shop, constantly improving the level of image & services.

· Ensuring the best products, with emphasis on freshness, modernity, timeless utility for the customer and ecology.

Do you have the flair, Does it hold your hand? We Develop Skills, Create Professionals!


· With continuous support and guidance, in matters of training of owners and staff, in flower arranging sales techniques etc.


At Interflora, we firmly believe that opportunities do not come, but are created, and we assure you that every Top Florist flower shop, as a creative multi-site, flourishes quickly and easily becomes a geographical reference point in every city.

Thank you for your attention and we are at your disposal,


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