We are building the Franchise Top Florist

The New Generation of Florists and We Offer the Opportunity


 Exclusively in every city of Greece!


 Because the Modern Business imposed on the markets, minimizes the business risk
and thrives, only with the Franchise method!




More details…


Η Interflora είναι η κορυφαία δύναμη στο χώρο του λουλουδιού παγκόσμια. Στην Ελλάδα διαθέτει τεράστιο δίκτυο ανθοπωλείων για τις αποστολές λουλουδιών και τώρα πραγματοποιεί το μεγάλο άλμα στο μέλλον, με τη δημιουργία της  Top Florist, building the New Generation of Florists, with special services in flower arranging, packaging, balloons and new products.

With an innovative way of operation, persistent training, multiple services and quality products, Interflora Top Florist changes the data so far for florists throughout the Territory.

We designed the flower shops Top Florist, guided by the needs of today and tomorrow for demanding customers.

Δημιουργούμε ένα ιδιαίτερο σύστημα υπηρεσιών, με στόχο την ταχεία ανάπτυξη σε όλη την Ελλάδα, βασισμένη σε συγκεκριμένο πλάνο για το πλήθος καταστημάτων, σε περιοχές αποκλειστικότητας με γεωγραφικά και πληθυσμιακά κριτήρια.
Καταλαμβάνουμε χώρο στην Ελληνική αγορά υπηρεσιών ανθοπωλείου, με νέα συστήματα, ολοκληρωμένες προτάσεις και υπηρεσίες, τόσο στις κοινωνικές εκδηλώσεις, όσο και την καθημερινότητα του καταναλωτή, όπως συνοψίζονται παρακάτω:

· Full daily operation of a flower shop

· Shop in shop with full range of balloons and related

· Mini drink cellar and additional small gifts

· Organization of Wedding - Baptism - Event

· Decorating events with flowers

· Decorating events with balloons

· Invitations, Favors etc.

· Wreaths, best man set and related

· Mini refreshing catering for guests

· Wedding Web Design (Wedding Web Design)

External collaborations in: Photography, D / J, Reception, Limousine


At Franchise Top Florist, we turn the flower shop into a creative multipurpose space for services and products!


Our Goals


Our goals are to move to the New Generation of Florists out of the ordinary, since Top Florist florists are creative multipurpose space for services and products, also enhancing the flower culture to consumers, thus creating a clientele for the Franchise Florists.

For this purpose, we "educate" consumers, with the aim of getting to know and consolidating the flower culture, creating the necessary driving force of entrepreneurship, ie the unique (silent) power of customers, the only one that raises and lowers businesses.

In addition, the creation of modern stores, with multiple services and trained operators, are the first necessary structures and actions for the transition to the New Generation of Florists and the desired results with:

· Strong brand name, which quickly gains recognition in the market.

· Continuous training in flower arranging and packaging, one of the best of its kind in our country.

· Continuous training in the manufacture and use of compositions with balloons.

· Unique know-how in marketing sales and store promotions, by specialized executives of the company.

· Continuous improvement (owners and employees), at all levels in daily events and customer service.

· Continuous monitoring of the functionality of the flower shop, constantly improving the level of image & services.

· Ensuring the best products, with emphasis on freshness, modernity, timeless utility for the customer and ecology.

· Innovative activities in order for our stores to conquer and maintain the top in their city.

· Possibility of b2b sales (wholesale collaborations) in the geographical area

· area of ​​responsibility.

· Wide area of ​​responsibility with exclusivity for one store per 30,000 inhabitants and quite a long distance between stores.

· Low investment, with high profit margins.


Do you have the taste, Does it catch your hand? We Develop Skills, We Make You Professional!


· By evaluating the available stores in your city for renting the most suitable.

· By monitoring the construction & erection of the flower shop.

· With constant market research to ensure lower investment costs.

· With continuous support and guidance, in matters of training of owners and staff, in flower arranging sales techniques etc.

· With constant monitoring of your flower shop by trained associates, in order to transfer your know-how to every aspect of the profession.

· With two free three-day training conferences a year.

· By implementing a strategy for the development of a commercial enterprise, based on the international code of ethics.

· With a uniform pricing policy for all (right quality at the right price).

· With proper distribution of working time and resources to save costs.

· By minimizing business risk, since we also develop your own skills, to increase productivity & turnover.

At Interflora Top Florist, we firmly believe that opportunities do not come, but are created and we assure you that every Top Florist florist, as a creative multipurpose space of services and products, blooms quickly and easily becomes a point of geographical reference in every city.



Thank you for your attention and we are at your disposal,


Dimitra Ch. Florou,

Franchise development department

Tel: 210 95 79 777