Program of Flower Tutoring Seminars for Beginners

Florist Preparation Training Seminars
Complete specialization of florist employees and young professional florists.

Operates in sections of 3 or 4 people.
The trainees practice flower arrangements together with the teachers for effective learning.
The project aims to improve & develop the industry, creating new florists, but also specialized florists.

The training time is one week (6 days) and the curriculum includes the following necessary modules in theory and practice


1) Color theory, types of flowers & plants, properties and maintenance

2) Basic rules of flower arranging and constructions (spiral etc.)

3) Packaging - Combinations of flower arrangements

4) Wedding - Baptism - Event Decoration

5) Setting up - showcase decoration and store decoration

6) Customer Service, Appearance, Behavior, Sales, Florist Management Marketing

7) Visit to the flower market (for those who deem it necessary), selection and purchase of flowers, with real purchases and then treatment & placement in the flower shop

8) Condolence constructions (bouquets - compositions - wreaths, cross)

9) Compositions with plants, costing of products & labor. Reference to the basic accounting of the florist

10) Training in methods in the sale of Wedding - Baptism decoration & Introduction to the necessary use of Social Media

We provide:
Interflora Network title and professional recommendations.

- Intensive courses for students in the province.

The training is carried out under his supervision and professionalism Interflora Network in Athens and briefly for the trainees we seek the following basics: 

a) Complete knowledge of flower arranging at all levels

b) The knowledge of florist management, rules of advertising, promotion, & sales marketing.

c) The consolidation of the virtue of business ethics towards the customer, a virtue that should govern every serious employee and professional florist.

For more information, contact the Interflora Network at:  210 95 79 777